April 10-12, 2018 / New Orleans, LA

Exhibiting Info

WorkBoat Maintenance & Repair Conference and Expo is a multi-faceted event provides a hyper focused education program and exhibit hall specifically designed for those responsible for commercial vessel maintenance and repair.

Held in the heart of the commercial vessel market, and in the place where WorkBoat’s ties to the industry are strong and thriving, this event is a unique opportunity for you to engage with highly qualified customers on an intimate level, during the conference program, on the exhibit floor, in hands on product demonstrations, and at the networking events.

As an exhibitor at WorkBoat Maintenance & Repair, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with the influencers and decision makers as they look for solutions to navigate changing technology, the economy, and regulatory environments.

 Exhibitor Profile Attendee Profile
Hull blasting/cleaning equipment
Hull coatings
Spare parts component suppliers
Hull inspection equipment
Ultrasonic testing equipment
Non-destructive testing equipment
Boat-lifting equipment
Dry dock tools and equipment
Underwater ship inspection surveys
Underwater repair technology
Marine engine maintenance equipment
Maintenance of marine engine control systems
Marine transmission maintenance systems
Predictive maintenance systems
Engine and oil analysis equipment
Wear particle indicators
Vibration analysis systems
On-ship/onboard visual monitoring display equipment
Bow stem slamming and strain monitoring
Water quality monitoring
Ship maintenance software
Fleet maintenance managers
Dry dock owners and operators
Shipyard owners and operators
Fleet operations directors
Vessel owners and operators
Port captain
Project manager


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